Every morning, my husband and I sit in the kitchen and have a nice breakfast at our table.
Then I go back to my job, which I love as much as my husband. Most of the time, my husband can't help himself and comes with me to the field. "You're old, you'll get sunstroke, don't come" I tell him but he doesn't listen. Even though he's retired, his passion for tomatoes haunts him. But we've always been like this. Since we got married, we've ran every errand together. We sowed together, we mowed together. We had good days, we had bad days. But we never abandoned each other.
Sowing tomato is like marriage, it demands loyalty. Once you turn your back on it, don't go to the field one day, then it starts to show coyness right away. Old habits. It wants attention. It wants to be happy. If you work hard and stay loyal to the tomato, it won't be angry, I'll give it that. Especially when you see them all red for the harvest... It's all worth it...
It's difficult but I've been sowing since I left my father's house. We don't feel tired anymore after doing it for all these years. I got married when I was 20. And we sowed every year after I got married. Both marriage and farming for 50 years... That's quite the tale. Both require effort.