DWe've been planting tomatoes since my grandparents. Tat came here 50 years ago, and I gave the first tomato to the Tat factory.
Every time we plant tomatoes, I get up a little earlier in the morning. First I check the animals, then I'll have breakfast and go to the field with the workers.
It's a habit ... Just like how every mother sacrifices her sleep to keep her child from starving to school, this is my sacrifice. Just like my grandchildren, my children, we care for it, we water it, we plant it, and we dig it.
Tomatoes are delicate, you know. It goes black immediately, it becomes black in its leaves. We immediately do whatever is necessary, of course. I call Tat when there's something beyond us. Thankfully, they handle it right away.
After all, our tomatoes are with Tat, and they are with us. It's been like this for 50 years.