What is Lycopene?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, tomato is one of the first that comes to our minds. Because tomato is one of the most suitable foods that create a balanced relationship between health, quality of life and nutrition.

Excellent Aantioxidant Source: Lycopene Tomatoes areis packedullulated with a bio-protective power that have a very strong antioxidant with a very powerful antioxidant effect; this power is LYCOPENE! Only tomatoes? Tomato juice, tomato paste, ketchup and all kinds of tomato dishes...

Lycopene is also helpful to vitamin C and E.

Lycopene as an antioxidant has great power in the fight against free radicals, as well as helping other antioxidants. 

Foods High In Lycopene

The most important sources of lycopene are tomatoes and tomato products. Tomato is essential in terms of lycopene and is the richest source of lycopene in nature. In fact, since the lycopene in the tomato increases as a result of heat treatment, tomato products are even better sources of lycopene than raw tomato itself. Dried apricot, rosehip, pink grapefruit and watermelon also contain lycopene.

Tomato Juice 250 ml 25.0
Ketchup 15 ml 2.7
Spaghetti Water 125 ml 28.1
Tomato Paste 30 ml (2 Tbsp.) 13.8
Tomato Soup 250 ml 9.7
Tomato Sauce 60 ml (1/4 Cup) 8.9
Chili Sauce 30 ml (2 Tbsp.) 6.7

Kaynak : Institue of Nutrional Sciences

Why Does Ttmato Paste Provide so Much More Lycopene Than Fresh Tomatoes?

Studies show that heat increases the amount of lycopene. Cooking the tomato allows lycopene to be taken better into the body, stored better in the body and absorbed better in the intestines. Cooking tomatoes while making tomato paste causes the cell wall to deteriorate and release more lycopene when crushed by cooking processes. Just as tomato paste, other tomato products (tomato puree, tomato juice, ketchup, etc.) contains high levels of lycopene. Because heat treatment equalsmeans more lycopene.

How Should be Lycopene Consumed?

• You can start your day by eating a peeled tomato that is slightly heated with drizzle of olive oil.start your day in the morning by eating a peeled tomato, slightly heated and with a little olive oil added.
• You can add ketchup to a veggie sandwich.
• You can flavour your salads with dried tomatoes.
• You can add tomato sauce on pasta.
• You can add tomato paste to vegetable dishes.
• You can drink tomato juice optionally.
• If it suits to your taste, you can add ketchup to some of the dishes you consume.
• You can eat a lot more from sauces made with tomato juice, tomato puree and tomato paste.

Tat products that contain high amounts of lycopeneProducts That Contain High Amount Of Lycopene:

  Lycopene value
(mg / 100)
Lycopene value
(mg / 1tbsp.)
1 tbsp. (g)  
Tat tomato juice  
Tat tomato puree 15 26,97 4,05  
Tat sweet ketchup    20 21.77 4,35  
Tat paste    
25 85,54 21.39  

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