Lycopene & Health

  • Lycopene delays and eases the formation of osteoporosis. This is especially important for women in middle age and beyond. Vitamin D and calcium should be took in sufficient amounts with nutrients against bone brittle. The red miracle, lycopene found in tomato and tomato products, increases bone strengthening with calcium and vitamin D, slows and delays bone destruction. If you do not want to deal with problems such as waist curvature, shortening of height, and fracture at a time of your life, you should consume more tomatoes or tomato products to take advantage of these important effects of lycopene.
  • Lycopene can reduce the risk of heart disease in women. Harvard University School of Public Health’s last study was published in one of the respected scientific journals, the Journal of Nutrition, in June 2003. The findings obtained with this study showed that high consumption of tomato products, which are rich in lycopene, protects and strengthens cardiovascular health in women. There is a strong, safe and meaningful relationship between increased lycopene consumption and excess blood lycopene levels; and decreased incidence of coronary heart disease associated with atherosclerosis. Similar findings have been found in other studies. The same results were obtained with the European Antioxidant Study (1997). There is no doubt that women can benefit from lycopene in the prevention of coronary heart disease, which is highly seen during the menopause period.
  • Lycopene is a carotenoid that is beneficial to female skin. Sun-rays are responsible for aging. Sun-induced skin changes are defined as “photo-aging.” The reason of photo-aging is the UVA and UVB rays in the sun. Long and uncontrolled exposure to these rays leads to drying, thinning and wrinkling in the skin. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can accumulate in fat skin tissue. As the density of this powerful antioxidant increases in skin tissue, the free radical-based damages and skin aging due to sun rays also decreases. The benefits of lycopene on women's skin are not just limited to protection. Lycopene is also a pigment that provides a natural, sun-tanned effect on the skin and gives tension, brightness and vitality. The melanin pigment’s effect is enhanced by lycopene.

4. Protects the Veins!

Lycopene is an important vessel friendly not only for women but also for men. The European antioxidants study (EURAMIC) shows that a lycopene-rich diet can protect men from coronary heart diseases (infarction, rhythm disorders) and brain vascular damages (strokes, memory problems). Lycopene prevents oxidized harmful cholesterol to build-up in the vessel wall and the form fat plaques that occlude the vessel.
Lycopene Against Diseases!
Lycopene is known to protect the human body from many diseases and can reduce risks. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that fights certain diseases in the human body. You can choose Tat tomato products to reach this valuable antioxidant every season. Because delicious tomatoes of Tat tomato products are produced in the most reliable soils during the season so it maintains its freshness and takes its place on the shelves. Your practical, economical, natural and additive-free lycopene sources are very close to you.. You can choose the TAT Tomato Products to reliably reach this valuable antioxidant every season. Because the delicious tomatoes of TAT Tomato Products are produced in the most reliable soils during the season and take their place on the shelves. Your practical, economical, natural and additive-free lycopene resources are so close to you.
Are There Any Side Effects Of Lycopene?
There are no findings that require precautions against lycopene. However, if you have a disease that requires you to pay attention to your sodium intake, you should consider that take-home foods with tomatoes contain plenty of sodium.
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