Human Resources

Announcing the Employer Brand project to all of its employees with a launch event in 2018, Tat Gıda focused on the implementation of systems and processes that ensure effective human resources management and sustainable competition in the future as part of Employer Brand “People are the Essence” in 2019. In line with this goal, all systems and processes related to the management of human resources are managed in an integrated manner. In our businesses operating in different food segments and different geographic areas, the culture also reflects diversity. To transform this cultural diversity into a driving force, emphasis is given to joint projects in different fields. This way, any employee can improve themselves in different areas through rotation and projects even if he or she starts in a different line of business. Tat Gıda offers its employees career development opportunities in diverse food areas such as dairy and canned foods. Tat Gıda uses a planning process to identify potential candidates to help select and train future leaders, and continuity/back-up plans are in place for managerial staff. Special development plans are prepared by the Human Resources department for employees identified as candidates for such positions.

Employees Awarded

• In 2019, Tat Gıda was the runner-up at the 11th Peryön Valuing People Awards “Practices that Make a Difference” in the “Employer Brand and Employee Engagement’’ category.
• The new practices introduced in 2019 as part of the Employer Brand and employee engagement set an example among the best human management practices at the panel “Employer Brand - Examples of Good Practices” held during the 1st Peryön Mediterranean Human Management Summit.
• Tat Gıda climbed 10 places to rank 124th in Universum World’s Most Attractive Employers 2019.
• In its first year, Talent Factory’s long-term internship program ranked 42nd in Toptalent’s Top 100 Talent Program in 2019.