Never-ending Passion for Tomatoes for 50 Years

Establishing tat Gıda

In 1967 Tat Gıda Sanayi has taken its first steps in agricultural investments and established its first facility in Bursa Mustafa Kemalpaşa to provide the most natural tomatoes to everyone.

A First In Turkey

In November 1970, Tat introduced the first concentrated soup. In the same month, the first paste-in-tube released and attracted great attention. In addition to tomato and pepper paste
Tat has also taken important steps for Turkey by selling the convenience food varieties that were low in consumption such as canned vegetables, ketchup and fruit juice.

Pre-Establishment Preparations

During these years, someone had to make an effort to boost the country's exports. The only one who would do that would be a businessperson like Vehbi Koç. Vehbi Koç's dream of establishing an export-oriented tomato paste factory continued for years. Koç was thinking about how to succeed in the tomato business. He had been successful in all the businesses he had ever entered, but he knew that in order to succeed, he had to think thoroughly and learn from the experiences of others. Koç made it happen when most people around him told him not to get involved. First, he reviewed of all the canning factories in Turkey and when he examined the balance sheet of 42 canning factories already established, he found out that there were very few companies succeeding. His main goal was to export.

Important Steps in Technology

In the 80s, Tat continued to increase its production capacity with the growth of the domestic market and to continue its exports. An addition was made to the distribution chain of Turkey, such as Nigeria, Sweden and many other countries. By 1981, he established the Tat canning aseptic line, which brought modern technology to his factory. A second facility was added to this line in 1985.

Kagome – Tat Project

In 1983, a contract was signed between Tat Gıda and Kagome, one of the most established companies in Japan, which has been producing tomatoes and products since 1899, and the Kagome-Tat partnership began.

Pionerring Technology from Tat Once Again

Tat broke ground by bringing diced tomato production technology in 1989. Tat Gıda continued to produce additive-free canned, peeled and diced tomatoes without additives. They added health and practical flavors to our tables.

Production Filling Lines Established

In the 90’s Tat made pioneering and important changes. The company is now the second largest in the world after the United States and the first producer of tomato paste in Europe. Tat, which opened to the public in 1993, made another breakthrough in 1997. The company established production lines for mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise with state-of-the-art technology and new machines, which produced without human contact.

New Lid Technology

The Magnum diced tomato line, which is the welded cap technology that reduces the risk of air circulation of Aseptic diced tomatoes to one billionth, had been put into operation in a number of companies in America and only in Tat in Europe.

Real tastes are under our protection

In 2006, Tat’s production capacity increased with their new facility in Torbalı, İzmir. Delicious, fresh products continued offering to the consumers with the motto "Real tastes are under our protection”.


tat Tomato Festival

In 2010, 300.000 tons of tomatoes, 8.000 tons of vegetables and fruits, 2.000 tons of tomato paste, 4.000 of tomato products, 10.000 tons of ketchup, 6.000 tons of mayonnaise, 8.000 tons of canned and jam products were produced. The Tomato Festival was held in Tatkavaklı District where the Tat Mustafakemalpaşa factory is located and named after Tat. Thousands attended the festival which took place on July 30-31 in 2010.



Kagome Tat Project

In 2014, Tat Gıda a three-year export deal with Kagome, Japan's largest company in tomato products, which they had a partnership since 1983, with the amount of approximately $ 40 million. Tat; increased the sales of tomato paste and canned food products over 30% of 2013.


Leaders Of Tomato

Tat Gıda broke ground once again in the food industry with their new “Leaders of the Tomato” project, which aims to improve the production of industrial tomatoes in Turkey and to reach a competitive position in the international market.


Record attempt of simultaneously spreading products on bread with most people

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 with great enthusiasm and excitement with its farmers and employees, Tat broke the Guinness Record by completing a "record attempt of simultaneously spreading products on bread with most people" at its factory in Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa.


Turkey’s Ketchup!

As a first in Turkey, a pet bottle filling line with ultra clean technology was introduced. Ketchup and mayonnaise were filled into transparent bottles using cold filling technology.


Tat, a well-established and pioneering company in Turkey, continues its activities successfully in Mustafakemalpasa-Bursa, Karacabey-Bursa and Torbali-Izmir facilities with the aim of providing its consumers with the most natural, reliable and delicious products.