Tat’s Milestones

50 Years of Never-Ending Tomato Passion

Tat Konserve Established

Vehbi Koç always worked to serve his country and bring in innovations. He believed agriculture was important for Turkey, a country that experiences all four seasons, and in the countries he traveled to, he paid close attention to what was grown, and how.
The tomato farming in Portugal and Spain, whose climates are similar to Turkey, attracted Vehbi Koç's attention and set him off on the first steps of Tat’s journey. Following much long, patient, challenging work, Vehbi Koç’s agricultural investment dream came true with Tat Konserve Sanayi, whose foundations were laid in Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa in June, 1967.

First in Turkey

In 1970, the Tat Konserve factory processed 41,500 tons of tomatoes, producing more than 8,000 tons of tomato paste. The export of 6,100 tons of this tomato paste was proof that Vehbi Koç’s dream of export-based agricultural production was a success. That same year, Tat Konserve presented Turkish consumers with the first concentrated soup and tomato paste in a tube.

An Important Technological Step

In the 80s, the growth of the domestic market led Tat to increase its production capacity and its exports, including Nigeria and Sweden in the market chain. In 1981, Tat Konserve brought modern technology to its factory with its “aseptic line”. A second line was added in 1985.

Kagome - Tat Project

In 1983, Tat Konserve signed a commercial agreement with Kagome, one of Japan’s oldest companies, which has been producing tomatoes and by-products since 1899, launching the “Kagome-Tat Project”.

Tat signs off on another first

Tat Konserve brought diced tomato production technology to Turkey in 1989, breaking new ground once again. It started producing diced, canned, additive-free tomatoes, and peeled whole tomatoes, continuing to provide customers with healthy, practical flavors.

Production Fill Lines Installed

Tat Konserve’s development proceeded rapidly in the 1990s. Tat’s production in its four large factories made it the second largest tomato paste producer in the world after the USA, and the largest tomato paste producer in Europe. Tat shares started trading on the stock exchange in 1993, and it made another breakthrough in 1997. It established mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise production fill lines using the latest hygienic technology.

New Cap Technology

Tat installs a Magnum diced tomato line, a welded cap technology that reduces the risk of aseptic diced tomatoes to one in a billion, which a few businesses in America use, but Tat’s is the only one in Europe.

Real tastes under our protection

In 2006, Tat increased the production capacity of its new factory in Torbalı, İzmir to offer its customers delicious products with the motto “real taste, under our protection”.

Tat Tomato Festival

In 2010, 300,000 tons of tomatoes, and 8,000 tons of fruit and vegetables were processed. 2,000 tons of tomato paste, 4,000 tons of other tomato products, 10,000 tons of ketchup, 6,000 tons of mayonnaise, and 8,000 tons of other canned food and jam were produced. The first Tomato Festival was held in Tatkavaklı, a neighborhood named after Tat in Mustafakemalpaşa where the Tat factory is located. Thousands of people attended the festival on July 30 and 31, 2010.

Kagome Tat Project

In 2014, Tat Gıda signed another big agreement with Kagome, the largest tomato company in Japan with whom it had been collaborating since 1983. They signed a three-year export agreement with a volume of approximately 40 million dollars. Tat also increased its sales of tomato paste and canned food by 30% compared to 2013.

Tomato Pioneers

In 2016, Tat Gıda broke new ground in the industry. They launched the “Tomato Pioneers” project, which aims to develop Turkish industrial tomato production so it can compete on the international market.

 Breaking the Record for the Most People Spreading Products on Bread at the Same Time

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 with great enthusiasm and excitement with its farmers and employees, Tat broke the Guinness Record for the “Most People Spreading Products on Bread at the Same Time” at its factory in Mustafakemalpaşa.

Turkey’s Ketchup!

Tat installed Turkey’s first bottle filling line with ultra-clean technology, and started to fill ketchup and mayonnaise in transparent bottles with cold filling technology.
TAT, one of Turkey’s well-established and pioneering companies, continues its success in its Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa, Karacabey, Bursa and Torbalı, İzmir facilities to offer its customers the most natural, reliable and delicious products.


Tat, a well-established and pioneering company in Turkey, continues its activities successfully in Mustafakemalpasa-Bursa, Karacabey-Bursa and Torbali-Izmir facilities with the aim of providing its consumers with the most natural, reliable and delicious products.