As long as I can remember, I've been a farmer since I got out of elementary school. I used to go to the fields when my peers went to classes. The field is another kind of school. It teaches you life, it teaches you patience. Most importantly, it teaches how important effort is. I met Tat about 35 years ago, and we continued to cooperate ever since. We never abandoned each other.

How could we? You know those tomatoes need you.

Thank God, I'm not alone. I've got a son, and Tat. We all work on tomatoes for 3 months. It's a habit now. I'll look through the window first thing in the morning. To see if it's cloudy or not, if it's raining. Tomato requires a lot of work and care. It has to, like its air, its soil. The more you care for it, the better the tomato will be in the harvest. We've learned that from Tat for years.