We're kind of old school around here. It's easier said than done, we started sowing with Tat 50 years ago. There's one thing all these years have taught me, there's no guarantee in this job. Every time the sun raises , farming begins again.

Every morning, you wake up to another surprise. The first thing when you get out of bed, you look at the weather. Is the weather good or bad? In the morning, you go to see if the tomato liked its air and soil. You see that it grows. You put a hand on it, it smells perfect. We don't feel comfortable if we don't see them every day. Not if you walk through every row. So we focus our full attention to growing the crop. Believe me, we did not cared for our children as much as we cared about them.

You know what I like the best? You go to the field one morning. You see the first red tomato. A smile appears on your face. You get excited. You want to eat it right away, but you can't. Then, one by one, the whole field turns red, and you get benefit from your hard work.
I'm leaving the job to my boy now. I can't stay away from tomatoes, though. When I start every season, my field is with my son and Tat. from now on, it's probably going to go on like this.