My name is Hüseyin Şahin, but everyone calls me Hüseyin the Rich. Let me tell you right away why my friends call me that. I've been a Tat farmer for 21 years. I've been sowing tomatoes every year since I started. At first you don't know what it is, what tomatoes want, how to take care of them. But tomatoes don't allow inexperience. When I felt like a novice, I said, "This is not going to happen, Hüseyin." I targeted aimed learning. Things got easier when I started growing tomatoes for Tat.

Tat has an agricultural department, and agricultural chiefs. I've become a well-versed tomato grower over time as I watched and asked questions to agricultural area sergeants in the field. Patience is the most important thing while learning.

Every day of tomato is another surprise. All kinds of things happen to it. You need to know the cure for all of it, to keep going. After years of collecting all these information, your friends start calling you Hüseyin the Rich. When you have experience, it helps not only the tomatoes, but you as well. aAnd the best part is, when the tomatoes are