Vegetable Juice

It is nearby you at any moment for a more quality life … With Tat Vegetable Juices, you can create a number of different tastes. Enjoy a healthy life with Tat Vegetable Juices which are full of delicious tastes and healthy nutrients.

  • Vegetable Juice item.Title1000 ml
Vegetable Juice 1000 ml

Vegetable Juice 1000 ml

Ingredients: Water, vegetable puree and juice concentrates (tomato, carrot, pepper, beet, cucumber, celery, black carrot, lemon, cabbage, onion, lettuce), salt, vinegar, mixture of spices, natural flavors, vegetable oil, basil extract. Once opened, keep it in refrigerator and consume within 1 week. Protect it from sunlight.

  • Shelf Life: 9 months
  • Net Weight: 1000 ml
  • No preserving additive has been used in the production.

Nutritional Values

Protein : 0,75 g
Fat : 4,25 g
Carbohydrate : 0,004 g
Energy : 20/83,6 Kcal/Kj
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