100% Concord Grape Juice

Produced from the most natural states of fruits, Tat Fruit Juices are the most practical and pleasurable way of amusing and healthy nourishment …

  • 100% Concord Grape Juice item.Title1000 ml
100% Concord Grape Juice 1000 ml

Grape Juice 1000 ml

Ingredients: Water, grape juice concentrate, natural grape aroma. Once opened, keep it in refrigerator and consume within 1 week. Protect it from sunlight.
* 200 ml juice contains vitamin C in quantity that provides 100% RDA.

  •  Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Net Weight: 1000 ml
  • No preserving additive has been used in the production.

Nutritional Values

Protein : 0,39 g
Fat : -
Carbohydrate : 15,81 g
Energy : 64,8/270,86Kcal/Kj



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