Certificate of Acknowledgement to Vocational School Angels

A decision was made to provide scholarships in grade 9 of the Industrial Vocational High Schools picked throughout Turkey to the extent of the quota of each plant within the scope of the project “Vocational High School is a Matter of the Country”, a project that stands out as one of the social responsibility projects within the framework of the Global Compact signed by Koç Holding; and it was also decided that such scholarships would be financed through Koç Pension Foundation. Then the people in charge were appointed within the company. Ender Angay was appointed as the person in charge in Tat Konserve.

Hadi Gider (Karacabey) and Mehmet Ali Zengin (Mustafakemalpaşa) voluntarily agreed to act as the school coach for Karacabey and Mustafakemalpaşa Industrial vocational high schools. The board created with the participation of the school manager and 1 teacher under their supervision provided these scholarships to 15 students from each of these two schools and payments started. 4.100 students throughout Turkey benefit from this scholarship.

During further stages, meetings will be held with these children and training will be provided for their personal development. While Vocational High School Coaches were referred to as (MLK) in the abbreviated form, their title was later changed to angels. The people in charge in our company participated in vocational high school coach training organized twice.

Our angels were presented with a certificate of acknowledgement signed by Mr. Ali Koç for their contribution. The recipients of scholarship will also be assisted in their training throughout their education and due efforts will be made to create human resources for our enterprises according to the branches that they will prefer.

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