Our Tat Konserve Enterprises left the Pea Season

The 2008 Pea Campaigns of our Konserve Plants started in May and ended in June, as it does every year. The season opening took place on 12th May 2008 Monday in our Karacabey Plant and 16th May 2008 in our Mustafakemalpaşa Plant. Farmers, employees and guests attended the opening ceremonies that took place in both our plants. The speeches delivered during openings wished a good season for the peas and then various treats were served.

This year, our M. Kemalpaşa Plant processed approximately 3.000 tons of stalked peas and our Karacabey Plant processed approximately 1.330 tons of stalked peas, totaling approximately 4.330 tons, and tat canned peas, which have left an impression in the consumers' mind with their high quality and taste, have been produced.

The pea season ended with the production that took place on 15th June in our Karacabey Plant and 30th June in our Mustafakemalpaşa Plant.

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