Nutritional Value and Consumption Quantity for Tomato

Tomato is the indispensable color and taste for nearly any cuisine in the World. Had it not been for the tomatoes, we would have been deprived of many delicious foods and we would not have met such unique tastes.

Tomato has an important place in our Lives as a miracle of our kitchens with its color, taste, smell and with its prioritized state that fits in every meal.


In addition to all these glamorous characteristics, tomato contains many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and folic acid. And of course, the contribution of each such nutrient to human body is priceless.

The cuisine, where tomato is appreciated the most, is the Mediterranean cuisine. The reason for this is that tomato and tomato products are used very commonly with the olive oil, which makes the Mediterranean cuisine healthy, and the great flavor that tomato gives the meals.

Lycopene, the amazing protective power in the tomato, on the other hand, is not found in tomato itself only but in any meals and sauces with tomato, such as tomato juice, tomato paste, ketchup and sauces.

In order to be healthier and to live a longer life with a higher quality, the only food you should never give up consuming for a lifetime is tomato. It protects you from any risk of disease with its highly antioxidant nature and it ensures long-term health.

Consuming at least one or two tomatoes a day protects you from many types of cancer, harmful effects of sunlight, aging and many other heath conditions.

Enjoy a healthy life with the miracle of the red!

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