Lycopene against diseases!

Lycopene is known to protect the human body from many diseases and to lower the risks. Lycopene is a very strong antioxidant that fights against some diseases in human body.

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The diseases that lycopene is known to be good for, to protect against and to reduce the risks for are as follows;

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the disease that is a primary threat against female health. But if you consume plenty of lycopene, lycopene will strengthen the breast tissue and you will have a remarkable shield of protection for your body.

Uterine cancer

The high serum levels in lycopene protect you from uterine cancer and decreases the risk.


You can slow down and delay the bone loss and bone deterioration that occurs in females during middle age and later by lycopene, the red miracle, and vitamin D.

Colon cancer, oral cancer, pancreas and pharyngeal cancer

Lycopene is found to be considerably protecting against and reducing the risk for colon cancer, oral cancer, pancreas and pharyngeal cancer.

Endometrial cancer

The effect of lycopene in this cancer type, on the other hand, is to slow the progress of the disease by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells and to reduce the risk for this disease.

Lung cancer

Lung is one of the organs with the strongest enzymes in human body. Lycopene already exists in lung walls in a certain quantity. However, by means of regular daily lycopene intake, you contribute to such quantity, reducing the risk for such disease.


Prostate cancer

The most efficient method for protection from prostate cancer, which is highly risky for any male aged above 50, is tomato and tomato products. You can protect yourself from prostate cancer by consuming some of the TAT Tomato Products five times a week.

Cardiovascular diseases

Lycopene prevents harmful cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessel walls and from forming obstructive plates, and protects you from the risks of heart attack or embolism.


With lycopene consumed regularly and frequently, you can considerably prevent Alzheimer that occurs in advanced ages.

Skin aging and asthma

Various studies show that lycopene protects especially female skin. The intense vitamin C content of the tomato and tomato products is also known to mitigate the frequency and severity of the asthma attacks.

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