How should the food containing lycopene be consumed?

Lycopene is an important nutritional supplement for human body. It is like a key to quality living for your beauty and health as well…

If you want to make use of this natural key in the right manner and let your health benefit more from it, you need to listen to the following advice…


The points to pay attention to while consuming goods containing lycopene, especially tomatoes and tomato products, and to do in order to enhance benefits are quite simple.

  • If you consume the foods containing lycopene with natural oils, you will make sure that your body takes in more and better lycopene.
  • The studies show that when tomato juice is heated and mixed with olive oil, it contains more lycopene as compared to unheated tomato juice.
  • For example, the fact that tomato paste undergoes thermal processing enhances its lycopene content. Thus, consuming tomato paste especially with natural oils can allow sufficient lycopene intake for your body.
  • You can start the day by having heated tomato with some olive oil on it in the morning.
  • You can add ketchup to a vegetable sandwich and add flavor to your salads with dried tomatoes.
  • You can use plenty of tomato sauce for your pasta and tomato paste for you meals.
  • You can consume tomato juice as a drink very often.
  • You can easily make sauces with tomato puree, paste and juice for any meal and you can consume them more often.
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