Color up Your Dining Table with Vegetable Juices

The vegetables juices are getting more and more important recently as the consumption of fizzy drinks is rising in the World, which constitutes human health seriously. Especially the habit of consuming vegetable juices is spreading throughout the World from Japan.

You can also take an important step for your health, by starting to consume the natural and additive free TAT Vegetable – Fruit Juice (VFJ).

One may not like all the fruits and vegetables, but can easily drink VFJ. So, one can get the vitamins that should be taken from fruits and vegetables in an easier and more comfortable way.


With two glasses of VFJ that you can consume in a day, you will get all the vitamins and minerals that you need daily. Thus, you will be energetic and dynamic all day and you will protect your body against seasonal diseases.

For the majority living away from a natural life in a concrete jungle, struggling with air pollution, VFJ is a beautiful way to embrace the nature. Moreover, when consumed regularly, VFJ accelerates the blood circulation. It helps you to calm down and relax.

Although it is not a very widespread habit to consume VFJ, awareness is now raising how important it is to consume VFJ as the experts are insistently warning that it should be consumed abundantly. Of course, you should exercise care so that the VFJ that you will consume will be 100% natural and additive free.

It can be the right step for your health and for your loved ones' health to include the colorful world offered by VFJ that nature provides you with in an elaborate dining table that you set up for your guests or for yourself.

And one should not forget about the feast of colors that the red vegetables and fruits, green vegetables and fruits and orange vegetables and fruits contribute to the table in addition to their taste.

Moreover, you will fascinate and surprise everybody with the harmonious and lively sight of the table that you will gain by serving Tat VFJ with the colors of the nature in transparent and elegant glasses.

In addition to healthy eating and healthy foods, the sweet fragrance of the natural vegetables and fruits will bring joy and peace to your dining table.


Be free and creative! Create your own formulas with TAT VFJ; let everybody admire you!

You can prepare different cocktails using TAT Natural VFJs.

Prepare healthy, colorful and attractive cocktails for your guests, your loved ones and your children. Name it as you like, create any taste you want.

Add health, bliss and pleasure to your meals with Tat VFJs.

Kiwi and lemon duet

Puree 100 gr. of each of kiwi (2 - 3 pieces) and cantaloupe melon (one fourth) in a mixer with 150 ml cold green tea and 1 tablespoonful of ground mint. Strain and add 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. Serve with crushed ice.

Green treasure

Boil 100 gr. spinach in boiling salted water for 1 minute. Strain and sprinkle water on it, then chop up. Puree the spinach, 100 ml. cold vegetable juice that you prepared earlier and 200 gr. yoghurt in a mixer. Strain all the materials. Serve the vegetable cocktail cold. You can sprinkle black pepper on it if you want.

Strawberry puree

Chop up 150 gr strawberry after washing. Puree the strawberries, 150 ml , 2 tablespoonful of grapefruit juice and 1 tablespoonful wheat kernels in a mixer, and strain. Serve cold.

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