Chickpea Stew with Meat

Manufacturer: Tat
Chickpea stew with meat which is one of our traditional dishes; is cooked after being flavored with ram chickpeas, Tat tomato paste and tomatoes and enriched with beef. Tat Ready to Eat Plate offers you a practical meal and saves you the trouble of preparing food in a delicious way. It is consumed by heating in the microwave oven or in a pan.
SKU: 30003647

Products specifications
Nutrients in 100 Gr
Energy (kJ/kcal) 574/137
Fat (g) 6.8
Of Which Saturates (g) 1
Carbohydrates (g) 8.4
Of Which Sugar (g) 0.9
Protein (g) 7.4
Salt (g) 0.9
Fibers (g) 6
Gross Weight In KG 0.288
Net Weight In KG 0.2
Volume (dm³) 0.4