Yased-Koza Project

YASED-International Investors Association realized the project named Koza Project in order to ensure that the university students receiving education in the GAP Region gain vision and visit the general head offices and operational fields of the large companies operating internationally to see and examine the processes of work flow and to offer the students the opportunity for preliminary preparations for their business life.

The students were provided with personal development and entrepreneurship training throughout their training periods. In addition to training such as Role Model Presentation and Fish; Mümin SEKMAN, Personal Development Coach, conducted a seminar about entrepreneurship, and Aynur BEKTAŞ, the owner of Hey Textile, and Erol BİLECİK, the owner of Index Group, conducted a seminar about stories of success and entrepreneurship to students in Istanbul Modern.

As Koç Group is also a member of YASED, Koç Holding was also included in the scope of this project. In the second group of the project, which took place in 2 groups, 1 YASED trainee was offered the opportunity of training at Tat Konserve Mustafakemalpaşa Plant. The volunteer mentor of the trainee, on the other hand, was Onur DÜNDAR from Mustafakemalpaşa Human Resources. The trainee student named Abdülhalim ARIK, who successfully completed his period of training of 1 month, was delivered the certificate by his mentor, Onur DÜNDAR, during the certificate ceremony that was organized on 28th August.

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