Tips to Make Health-Friendly Food

"No kingdom nor realm exists in this world that is worth a wisp of breath in health" says Suleyman the Magnificent, and he emphasizes that health is more important than property. Every person, who leaves youth behind, starts to understand the importance of health. And one knows that one should eat right in order to be healthy and peaceful at any age.

You should not neglect what you should do when cooking in order add health to your food and contribute to your life.


Here are some tips for healthy cooking;

  • For healthy foods, the Mediterranean Cuisine is a good guide for you. Prioritize the olive oil dishes and tomato dishes of the Mediterranean Cuisine in your menu.
  • You do not need to make serious calorie calculations in order to cook both healthy and delicious meals. Organize well before starting to cook in the kitchen and always ask yourself how you can cook the meal that you will cook in the most healthy manner!
  • When you crave for pastry, desserts and fatty foods, exercise care to spend the time by eating in a way to take the edge of your desires.
  • It will be very beneficial for your health to consume vegetables by boiling them and with plenty of tomato sauce on them.
  • Prefer the natural and additive free VFJ of TAT instead of fizzy drinks and fruit juices with chemicals in them.
  • Emphasize tomatoes and sauces made from tomato products in your meals. The healthiest and the most practical way for this is to use the Tat Tomato Products ready for use with their delicious tomatoes.
  • Use natural olive oil instead of heavy and processed fats and oils. As lycopene dissolves easily in oil, when you use tomato paste or tomato products with natural oils in your foods, you consume more lycopene.
  • Make sure that the foods you use in all your meals are 100% additive free.

The matters that should be taken into consideration when using tomato paste;

  • A clean spoon should be used absolutely; when a spoon, which is used for stirring the meal, is used, the acidity of the tomato paste will be affected and it will be spoiled sooner. The mold spores on the spoon or existing in the air, which are invisible, get mixed with the tomato paste and start reproducing. The mold spores disintegrate the sugars of the tomato paste to form acid and they reproduce. You see them in white and green layers on your tomato paste.
  • Once the product is used, the tomato paste remaining in thin layers on the sides should be cleared and oil and salt should be added to cover the product.
  • The tomato paste should be put back in the refrigerator after using, without keeping it on the counter.
  • The opened tomato paste product should be stored in the refrigerator and as covered and not in ambient conditions. Cold weather conditions prevent the mold from reproducing. However, there are types of molds that can reproduce in the cold as well. (While the bacteria favor a temperature range of 35-37° C, molds are more capable of reproducing at 25 to 28° C)
  • A family should pick the packing size that they can consume in a short period of time and they should not but a packing size that they will keep in the refrigerator for a long time. As acidity, in other words sourness, is increased in tomato paste that is kept for a very long time, this will also have a negative impact on the meal as well. In order to prevent such negativity, Tat produces tomato paste of different weight from 170 gr to 10 kg.
  • The tomato paste purchased in large packing can be divided into smaller packings and can be kept in the deep freezer or freezer of the refrigerator with some space on it (as the volume will expand when frozen). It can be used by after thawing +4°C.

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